Do your seats look like this? They don't have to and they shouldn't. Life's spills happen one at a time, but allowed to accumulate they:

  • Allow stains to set in and lead to permanent damage,
  • Decrease the value of you car,
  • Allow bacteria to grow and make the air you breathe unhealthy.

Interior detailing improves your air quality


For many people, a car is the most valuable thing they own. For the rest, it's the second most valuable.

The most neglected part of a car is its paint. Clear Coat is not a paint protection, it is the paint! Clear Coat makes the final color the color you see and provides the shine.  

Technology has brought us great products...Synthetic Waxes! They bond to the Clear Coat and offer much longer protection than Carnauba wax. 

We offer 3 options in Synthetics with different lengths of protection:

  • Silver - up to 3 months,
  • Gold - up to 6 months, or
  • Platinum - up to 12 months.

Clay Bar and Synthetic Wax turned this car into a newer version of itself.


Keeping your car looking great can also make it safer to drive. Yellowed headlights can reduce usable light to just 25% of new headlights.

Driving at night and in the rain with this limited amount of visibility leads to accidents. 

Be responsible and maintain a safe car!


We all know an accident can happen at any time. But the cosmetic condition of your car will affect its value when an insurance adjuster appraises it.

Tammie's mother had a total loss on her vehicle, the insurance adjuster reduced the value of the car by $500 because of what he saw under the hood. He claimed the car was not well maintained because the engine compartment looked like this BMW's. His report claimed oil leaks were the reason. That kind of loss would pay for a lot of engine detailing at $45 each time.


Before detailing, this 4 year old truck looked like it was 15 years old. The owner's wife refused to ride in it any more.



Is the black plastic trim on your car, truck, or ATV faded to a gray eyesore? Get it restored back to its original color. Once the chemical preparation is complete, the plastic will accept our restoration solution.

This is not a dressing product. The dye chemically bonds to the plastic and will provide great long term results.